Project Description

15 Liter Square Pot

Product #1309015


  • Long Legs (50mm/1.96”)
  • Excellent Drainage & Root Ventlation
  • Unique Stacking Design
  • Dimensions: 288mm wide x 338mm tall

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Product Details

Long Legs (50mm/2”)

  • Prevents root contact with soil.
  • Prevents contact with pathogens.
  • Improves drainage and rootzone health.

Excellent Drainage & Root Ventlation

  • Legs connected to edge holes breaks drainage surface tension eliminating saturated zone
  • 32 holes in center of pot allows oxygen uptake in the center of root mass
  • Pyramid base forces water to drain at the outside edges and minimizes wet zone
  • Drainage into high air flow area for root self-pruning

Unique Stacking Design

  • Allows for compact stacking minimizing shipping cost.
  • 18,880 pots per 20’ container
  • 30,704 pots per 40’ container
  • 45,264 pots per 40’ HQ

Plantlogic Lysimeter Compatible

Fits our Small Lysimeter for accurate drainage collection and monitoring.


Patents pending in Mexico, US, China, Australia and Europe

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